Digital lessons made easier with Blendspace

Jeremy Marx

The webquest is a popular lesson format for teachers because it allows the students to explore a topic using resources that have been curated by the teacher. Students can have control over their learning as well if the teacher finds enough resources that some are optional. As more and more content is being added by reputable online sources, webquests have become even more effective.

One challenge, however, has been in giving students an easy way to navigate to all of the resources. Blendspace by TES makes it easier both to create digital lessons and to implement them with your classes. Blendspace gives you the ability to drag and drop videos, PDFs, websites, notes, and more into their lesson builder. When you share the lesson with students, they can access all the resources within Blendspace in the order that you set them. You can also add quiz questions into the middle of the lesson and descriptions for the resources. In addition, students can comment on each resource, providing greater opportunities for discussions.

Below is a Blendspace lesson I created for the Electoral College. While finding the resources took some time, inputting the resources into the lesson designer took just a few minutes.

I could see myself using Blendspace to allow students to share their own work as well. I could take pictures/scans of student work and then add them into a Blendspace lesson. This would give students the opportunity to do a museum walk activity at home.