EDpuzzle: An essential flipped classroom tool

Jeremy Marx

A growing trend in education is to "flip the classroom" by assigning videos for students to watch at home to teach material that is typically covered in a lecture. This allows the teacher to make better use of the limited class time by implementing more hands-on learning. In order for the flipped classroom model to work, the teacher has to be able to share videos with the students to watch for homework. This can be done by simply sharing a link to a YouTube video, but then the teacher would have no ability to track whether or not students watched it. EDpuzzle solves this problem.

What is EDpuzzle?
EDpuzzle is a site that allows you to create a class, similar to Google Classroom or Edmodo. Students will join the class and you can assign videos for them to watch. You can upload your own video, select one from YouTube, or choose from a number of other sources such as Khan Academy and National Geographic. From there, you have the option to add questions, crop the video, add an audio track over it, or insert audio notes.

Why should you use it?
The best feature of EDpuzzle is being able to track student progress on videos. Below is an example of three students and how much of the same video they watched. This information will allow you to determine not only if students completed the homework, but should also give some indication as to their understanding of the material. In this example, the first student watched the entire video and rewatched several parts a second time. Meanwhile, the second student rewatched most of the video at least once and many sections more than that. From this information, we can gather that the student put in great effort to completing the assignment, but may have struggled to understand the material. Finally, the third student did not watch the video.


You can also ask questions for students to answer as they watch. EDpuzzle will keep track of student answers, making it easier to know what concepts you need to spend time on in class. I prefer my students to have a paper copy of any questions they answer so that all their notes are in one place, but the online questions may better serve your needs.

If you intend to take the flipped classroom approach during this new school year, EDpuzzle is an essential tool to use.