Using Google Forms in the Classroom

Jeremy Marx

Over the past year, my school district has made use of Google Apps For Education and it has made certain elements of teaching much more manageable. While I've had some struggles this year with Google Apps (comments in Docs can be wonky), these tools have saved time and helped me be more organized. Of particular use has been Google Forms, which has made it much easier to collect student data.

If you're unfamiliar with Google Forms, basically it allows you to easily create an online survey, with the responses automatically getting compiled in a spreadsheet for you.

Forms survey

Forms suvey results

I recently had students complete self and peer evaluations for a group project by filling out a form I created. In the past, these evaluations were done on paper, which meant I had to hang on to the entire stack of responses so that I could refer back to them throughout the year when making new groups. Also, because these are peer evaluations, it's very important that students feel comfortable that their responses will be kept confidential. Having everything submitted online makes it nearly impossible for someone's responses to be seen by anyone other than me, while a student could always lose their paper copy.

I've also used Google Forms to give pre-tests and Flubaroo, an amazing add-on, to grade them in less time than it takes to walk to the Scantron machine.

If you've had a worthwhile experience using Google Forms in your classroom, be sure to share your experience below.